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Explore the intersection of glamour and business with Priya Kapur, a prominent makeup and hair artist based in Mumbai. Since 2005, she has made her mark in the fashion industry, showcasing her skills in high definition, airbrush makeup, and intricate hairstyles for fashion and bridal makeovers.


In addition to her successful career in the beauty industry, Priya Kapur is the Director of Grentex and Co Pvt Ltd, a 100-year-old woollen spinning mill renowned for exporting woollen and worsted yarn globally. Following in her father's footsteps as Chairman, Mr. Ravikant Kapur, Priya is poised to lead the company into the future, preserving its rich heritage.

Adding another dimension to her professional portfolio, Priya founded The Glocal Trunk (TGT), an online retail platform under Glocal Trunk LLP. TGT specializes in costume and fashion jewelry, offering customers a seamless shopping experience with a vast collection sourced globally.

Not only is Priya a seasoned professional, but she is also a published author with her coffee table book, "Bridal Diaries," highlighting her expertise in the bridal makeup domain. Her commitment to skill, talent, and quality is evident in TGT's offerings.


Despite her multifaceted responsibilities, including a recent role in the Indian Merchants Chambers – Ladies Wing, Priya Kapur manages to balance her artistic pursuits with corporate leadership. Experience the exhilarating journey of a woman who thrives in diverse industries, continually adding to her list of professional achievements.



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